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ZTE obtains German security certification for its 5G NR device

ZTE recently announced that the company has obtained a  security certification for its 5G NR device from Germany.
German security certification!

German security certification!

In particular, the China-based telecommunication global firm received the NESAS Cybersecurity Certification Scheme - German Implementation (NESAS CCS-GI) with its 5G NR gNodeB product (HW Version V9200, SW Version 21.2, audit process HPPD Process-2017).

ZTE explains that the NESAS CCS-GI is a German national certification scheme for 5G networks. It includes process audits and product testing.

With this new certification, manufacturers of 5G mobile communications components may have the IT security properties of their 5G products independently checked and thus comply with the certification obligation for critical components in 5G networks contained in the Telecommunications Act, as amended (TKG).

This also serves as a model for a future European certification scheme under Regulation (EU) 2019/881 (Cybersecurity Act (CSA). BSI is also actively involved in shaping the future European 5G certification scheme (EU5G) and is thus driving forward secure digitization in Europe.

ZTE said that it has demonstrated full compliance with all process requirements and security specifications during the certification. This made the company obtain the NESAS CCS-GI certification.

The certification obviously demonstrates that ZTE's product security governance and 5G NR product have complied with the stringent security requirements of Germany. 

ZTE also claims that its gained practical experience contributes to advancing NESAS CCS-GI certification.

The company also promises that it will maintain the attitude of openness and transparency, abide by the laws and regulations where business happens, and adopt and develop the best security practices in the industry moving forward.

ZTE added that it will always take initiative to obtain authoritative security certifications, carry out third-party independent security tests, and continue providing customers with secure and trustworthy products and services.

ZTE is the 5G equipment vendor with the said security certification.

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