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Samsung One UI 5.1 is reportedly reducing Galaxy phone's battery!

Samsung's latest Android Operating System One UI 5.1 based on Android 13 is draining some Galaxy devices' batteries.
Samsung One UI 5.1 is reportedly reducing Galaxy phone's battery!
The new software

Another battery problem again Samsung?

The update is first seen on the Galaxy S23 Series but soon after the rollout to countless devices around the world, galaxy users on the brand's forum are suddenly experiencing battery issues. While multiple media platforms have also seen similar situations.
File photo: The Galaxy S23 Series
File photo: The Galaxy S23 Series

Some users mentioned they are experiencing unusual heating on their devices even the ones who own the high-end Galaxy S21 and S22 series.

Updates, in theory, should bring a better overall experience however there is no clear evidence of what's causing the said battery problem for many One UI 5.1-powered handsets. Users just started to experience it after their software upgrade.

One Reddit user said that Samsung app like the keyboard noticeably drains juice at an alarming pace.

The said issue has been reported to the Korean brand already but there's no proper troubleshooting or relevant answer made by the company yet.

On the other hand, Samsung has yet to announce its official statement. Hopefully, they should do something with it asap.

On a separate story, Samsung batteries are "allegedly swelling" at a rapid rate as well. But this has never been addressed up to now.

The question is when are they going to fix this once and for all?

What do you guys think?

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