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realme GT 3 w/ 240W fast charging to launch in February!

realme teases a new smartphone bearing an ultra-fast charging capability called the GT3.
realme GT 3 w/ 240W fast charging to launch in February!
The brand's teaser photo

realme GT 3 with 240W is coming soon!

The said charging tech uses a company-engineered custom 12A charging cable and a 240W dual GaN mini adaptor. The GaN part plays an important role because a standard 240W would appear ridiculously huge.
realme GT Neo5
realme GT Neo5

While the details for the phone are limited for now, there's a possibility that it could be a rebranded GT Neo 5  w/ 4600mAh battery and  "similar charging features". 

The brand continued that they have used 60+ layers of protection and this is the first battery to support over 200W charging speeds. Of course, TUV Rheinland has certified this for longevity.

To give you an idea, the said battery is rated at 1,600 charging cycles and it should retain its capacity by 80 percent after that. Currently, the standard charging cycle on the other hand sits at 800 only.

Don't forget to take this with a grain of salt though, realme may entirely release a different smartphone or not. 

Stay tuned and let's all wait and see for more announcements from them.

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