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Top 5 features of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series

We take you through the five new features of the recently launched Galaxy S23 series that make it stand out from the previous generations.
Top 5 Features of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series
Three new phones!

Do these make it worth the upgrade?

Floating rear camera design
Floating rear camera design

1. 200MP primary camera - The Ultra variant of the Galaxy S23 series now feature a 200MP sensor that is larger in size compared to the 100MP of the previous generation. This means that aside from having a higher resolution, the sensor size is larger which should improve the low-light performance.

2. Overclocked processor - Samsung and Qualcomm have worked together to produce a custom version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with a faster clock speed called the 'Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy.' Whether or not it actually provides a practical and noticeable difference is still up in the air until we can test a retail version of the phone.
Stunning curved display
Stunning curved display

3. 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED Display with Gorilla Glass Victus 2 - Like previous generations, the latest Galaxy usually becomes the new standard for smartphone displays for that year. Yet, the display spec for the new Galaxy S23 series is nearly the same as the previous year but with Gorilla Glass Victus 2. I guess Samsung sees the display from last year to be so good that the company retained it but with tougher glass.
Refined design
Refined design

4. Refined premium design and build - At first glance, the new S23 series looks iteratively similar to the previous generation. It is even made with the same Armor Aluminum but the display now has the new Gorilla Glass Victus 2. Samsung has tweaked the design to make the phone look more refined when compared to the S22 series. The most noticeable change is the removal of the metal frame extension of the camera module of the S22 and S22+. This makes the camera protrusion look like they are floating. Upon closer inspection, the cameras still protrude from the main body which has been reinforced with metal rings around the lens.

The Ultra on the other hand is more subtle. Samsung has changed the angle of the curves of the phone's front and rear glass panels to make it the phone 'boxier' which maximizes the space inside while making the phone easier to hold. It also makes the phone's touch screen less prone to being tapped accidentally from the side. Because the top and bottom sides are essentially flat, the phone can stand on its own.
OneUI 5.1's new bright and vibrant wallpapers
OneUI 5.1's new bright and vibrant wallpapers

5. OneUI 5.0 - Alongside the new smartphones is the latest version of OneUI where we think most of the impactful upgrades come from. Samsung has added features to the following apps: Camera, Gallery, AR Zone and AR Emoji, Widgets, Modes and Scenarios, Connectivity, Samsung Dex, Samsung Internet browser, Setup Wizard, Weathers, and Calls.

One of the noteworthy updates is the addition of different wallpapers depending on the mode currently set. Users can choose the background for work, one for sports and more when setting different sports. Users can even use video as the lock screen wallpaper.

Practical connectivity features like Media output for WiFi Speakers and Samsung Notes Collaboration. 

But what we find most useful is the ability to copy and paste text and images between the user's Galaxy tablet, Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy laptop.

The base variant Galaxy S23 8GB/128GB is priced at PHP 53,990, the base variant Galaxy S23+ 8GB/256GB is priced at 68,990 and the base variant Galaxy S23 Ultra 12GB/256GB is priced at PHP 81,990. Prices will go higher when selecting larger capacity storage.

Are these features enough to justify the eye-bawling price? Maybe.

What do you guys think?

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