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Viu's native app now works on Google TV!

Hong Kong-based Viu is one of the more popular over-the-top video streaming providers of Asian content particularly K-dramas.
Viu worked on my iFFALCON U62

If you want to watch it on Smart TVs, Viu works natively on South Korean TV brands like LG (webOS) and Samsung (Tizen OS). They also managed to make it work on several Philips Smart TVs running on Android.

However, it does not work on all Smart TVs we tested. It does not work on most Android and Google TV brands we tested in the past.

To run Viu on Smart TVs with no native support, you will need to cast it on your smartphone first or run on your laptop and connect it via HDMI on your TV. It is a hassle.

But, there's a chance it might now work on more Smart TV models.

Viu on Google TV!

Kokdu: Season of Deity
Kokdu: Season of Deity

Yesterday, I tried to redownload Viu on my iFFALCON U62 Google TV (TCL sub-brand) and it surprisingly worked. I was able to play some exclusive K-dramas like Kokdu: Season of Deity, Reborn Rich, and more.

We are just not sure if it will work on other Google TVs as well.

Anyway, this is a welcome development and we hope that Viu will make its app more compatible with more Smart TVs soon.

What do you guys think?

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  1. ThopTV is an excellent third-party application offering huge TV channels...


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