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Converge ICT launches Surf2Sawa unlimited internet prepaid promos!

Converge introduces its new service called Surf2Sawa, a prepaid unlimited internet service with competitive rates.
The promos
The promos

True Fiber Internet made affordable!

The new offering was launched by the Converge ICT co-found and CEO Dennis Anthony Uy his company's 4Q/FY 2022 Results Briefing.

However, Converge says the Surf2Sawa will be a separate ISP and they will provide prepaid service only. In short, you can have true fiber placed in your home and simply pay for the number of days you intend to use it.
S2S's infographic
S2S's infographic

As per the ISP's claims, they are providing strong signals, alongside limitless internet connectivity for your household.
Installation + internet plan
Installation + internet plan

For now, they are offering four promos that interested consumers may avail of.

Below are the current promos listed:

SuperFiber1 (1-day unlimited internet) - PHP 50
SuperFiber7 (7-days unlimited internet) - PHP 200
SuperFiber15 (15-days unlimited internet) - PHP 380
SuperFiber30 (30-days unlimited internet) - PHP 700
Installation Fee - PHP 1000

You may apply for their services through the website or contact them through Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or Email. 
The contact form
The contact form

Keep in mind that installation fees are separate from the internet plan itself.

What do you guys think?

Source: Surf2Sawa

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