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GCash launches new Visa Card, introduces new innovations like GChat and GStocks!

GCash has just introduced 10 new features that will make Filipino finances even easier which include GChat, GStocks, and more!
GCash new Visa Card, GChat, and GStocks launch
Get your new GCash Visa Card soon!

New "Financial Freedom tools" for Filipinos!

At the annual GCash Future Cast, GCash executives have introduced exciting new developments and features that they claim to make the lives of Filipinos more financially inclusive.
More Filipinos can access the Stock Exchange thru GCash GStocks!
More Filipinos can access the Stock Exchange thru GCash GStocks!

First up is GStocks PH. In collaboration with AB Capitals and Securities, Inc. (ABCSI), GCash has opened an online retail securities trading service that was designed to be accessible through the GCash Super App. It features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of registration and when trading securities. This allows more Filipinos to have access to over 280 companies listed on the Philippine stock exchange.

Up next is the new GCrypto platform. In collaboration with PDAX, users can now discover, access, and explore the world of Crypto and NFTs. Users can buy and sell Crypto and NFTs with the assurance of the leading homegrown cryptocurrency exchange.

Next is the new GInsure Online Shopping Protect insurance offers users 60 days of up to PHP 20,000 coverage for their online purchases for just PHP 34. The insurance covers scenarios such as orders not delivered, are accidentally damaged, are not as described or being stolen. The insurance powered by Chubb is embedded in the User’s online GCash payment journey across 1,500 online retailers.
You can now pay with GCash at Alipay+ merchants!
You can now pay with GCash at Alipay+ merchants!

While GCash Global Pay allows traveling Filipinos to go cashless globally by using GCash’s newest services. OFWs can also use the service to send money or pay for services for their loved ones in the Philippines.

GCash Global Pay, on the other hand, allows traveling Filipinos to do cross-border payments at Alipay+ merchants in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Germany, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom.

The company also revealed the new Visa-powered GCash Card. This allows travelers to take advantage of real-time Forex charging at low exchange rates and no service fees. With this, users can access their funds in a single app or swipe at over 100 Million shops across 200 countries and territories around the world through VISA’s expansive network.

The next new service is the GGives. It supports Filipinos with the ability to buy now and pay later with zero credit cards, zero additional documents, zero down payment, and now zero interest at select merchants.

GCash users can also now Borrow Load. This will allow users to borrow their favorite load promos today at zero cash out. This gives them access to their preferred entertainment even when they are short on budget.
Secure your GCash account even more here!
Secure your GCash account even more here!

DoubleSafe is the latest security feature that GCash says will prevent fraudsters from taking accounts. It adds an additional layer of security on top of the 2 FA and mobile pin. Users will be asked to register their faces to take advantage of the facial recognition security feature.

Lastly, the company introduces GChat. It is the Super Apps' new user-friendly messenger services feature that makes it easier to chat and transact with friends, merchants, or customers. The feature will roll out in the next few months.

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