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LG shares tips in choosing your Washing Machine, promotes its products alongside!

LG shared some tips to help you choose the right Washing Machine and promotes their products alongside.
LG shares tips in choosing your Washing Machine, promotes its products alongside!
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LG shares tips for choosing Washing Machine!

According to LG, Summer is a season for outdoor activities, but it also means more laundry.  With that, you'll need A dependable washing machine whether it's for sandy beach towels or sweaty exercise clothes. 

If you're in the market for a new washing machine, here are four features to check for before you buy as shared by the brand.

Capacity - A washing machine's capacity is the number of clothes it can hold in one cycle. If you have a large family or frequently wash bulky things like comforters or pillows, a larger space is definitely you should consider. A smaller-capacity washing machine, on the other hand, maybe more practical if you live alone or have limited room. LG says their washing machine products are intended to carry heavy loads on a small chassis, making them ideal for use in small spaces.
Fits in small spaces!
Fits in small spaces!

Energy Efficiency - This type of feature is not only better for the environment, but it can also save users money on their electric bills. LG says you should look for products with an Energy Star rating, which means that the item went strict energy efficiency standards.

On the other hand,  LG said that its Dual Inverter Heat Pump received the Energy Start Most Efficient Mark in 2021 and provides up to 65 percent energy savings. They also highlighted the Turbowas feature, which employs a Jet Spray to clean a half-load of laundry in 59 minutes. The improved method cuts that time by another 20 minutes, doing your laundry in 39 minutes utilizing high-pressure sprays that wash and rinse your garments more efficiently, using less water and hence less energy.

Noise Level - A noisy washing machine can be a major headache if your laundry room is close to living areas or bedrooms. LG recommends looking for washers with a low decibel rating, which means they run silently. Meanwhile, the brand says their Direct Drive Motor is connected to the washing machine tub directly without any belt or pulley, thus reducing the noise vibrations. They claimed that with this simplified structure, helps running washing machines to be quiet and reliable.

Smart features - Smart washing machines include a variety of functions that might help make laundry day easier and more effective. LG boasts that its products integrate seamlessly using the Smart ThinQ app. It also allows you to control, schedule, and monitor your laundry cycles remotely and in real-time using your smartphone.
Operate using the Smart ThinQ App!
Operate using the Smart ThinQ App!

Moreover, this app has the capability to diagnose any issues users are experiencing with their system and provide a solution for them.

To see the wide list of their Washing Machine products, you may visit this link. LG also reminds its customers that they were named the No.1 Home Laundry Appliance in ASEAN alongside being the No.1 Automatic Dryer brand in Asia Pacific.

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