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Nokia introduces Pure UI, a new user interface for their products!

Nokia introduces a new user interface design language called the Pure UI which is made for its long line of products.
Nokia launches Pure UI user interface
Neat looking interface!

Nokia showcases its Pure UI!

If you take a look at it, the UI makeover is made to be consistent, versatile, and future-ready. It has clean visually appealing looks with several components like the templates and guidelines that emphasize that overall appearance.
Minimalist icons and more!
Minimalist icons and more!

The most significant part of the changes is the  Nokia Pure typeface which will be utilized throughout the UI.

You will also notice that it has new icons that are based on strokes and their thickness can be modified that will match the device's screen requirements and capabilities. Nokia added smooth animations as well when a certain component has to get the attention of the users.

Meanwhile, the firm's team made standard elements that designers can apply to easily create screens with pleasing views.
The dark theme
The dark theme

Nokia did not forget the dark theme option with elements and icons that blends accordingly.

As of this writing, the Nokia handsets are using the near-stock Android experience and we will see them get updated to the Pure UI. However, the company hasn't stated when it will be. For now, their website only lists "coming soon". 

This new user interface will be used not just on smartphones but on other devices as well, this has powerful components that can create complex web-based dashboards. Meaning that its interface is engineered to scale from tiny panels of smartwatches to tablets, laptops, TVs, or other big screens.

What do you guys think?

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