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OnePlus 11 5G to receive up to 4 major OS upgrades, 5 years security updates!

Last year OnePlus committed to providing the aforementioned updates for their upcoming and current models.
The OnePlus 11 5G
The OnePlus 11 5G

Up to 4 major OS updates and 5 years of security patches!

The said OnePlus 11 5G, Ace 2, and Ace 2V are all going to get 4 major Android updates and 5 years of security patches as confirmed by Lie Jie, the firm's President for the Chinese market. This means that OnePlus 11 will be getting up to Android 17 in the future.
The phone's Hasselblad cameras
The phone's Hasselblad cameras

That makes OnePlus the company with the longest support for its smartphone models, along with Samsung and Google. But please remember that OnePlus' head of the China division provided the information. Thus, we still have to hear the official announcement from someone in OnePlus Global.

Based on Li Jie's statements, maintaining these phones for above 4 years after their debut will cost them around CNY 100 million or PHP 795.5M if converted directly. Let's all wait and see if this includes the global variants of the said smartphones.

Source: MyDrivers

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