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OPPO shares ultra-impressive Find X6 Pro shots ahead of launch!

After revealing its official launch date earlier, technology powerhouse OPPO has started sharing the camera samples of its upcoming flagship—the Find X6 Pro.
This looks wild!

An upcoming mobile camera wonder?

In particular, OPPO shared three (3) images. Each image showed a bottom frame noting that it was shot by the OPPO Find X6 Pro and they are still partnering with Swedish premium camera maker Hasselblad for its cameras.
Portrait shot
Portrait shot

The first one is a Portrait image of a girl using a 65mm lens at f/4.5 at ISO100. Next is a photo of a bird with its 144 periscope zoom lens at f/2.6 and ISO101. The last photo is from a 23mm lens with an f/1.8 large aperture at ISO24512.
Low light shot
Low light shot

All images appear very good-looking for a phone. Particularly, we are very impressed with the "optical-looking" photo from its 144mm lens which is likely around 5 to 6x zoom. It could be a hybrid zoom photo, but this is still amazing for a phone.

OPPO has yet to divulge more information about this camera configuration, but there are rumors that it might feature a 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor and 2 more IMX890 sensors.

Stay tuned for the rest of the missing details.

Source: OPPO

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