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New DICT report shows 30 percent of SIM cards registered so far

The number of registered SIM cards hit 30 percent, or more than 52 million of the 169 million active users, according to the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).
Drop in text scams? DICT thanks SIM registration
File photo: SIM card

DICT urges Filipinos to register their SIMs now

DICT Usec Anna Mae Lamentillo said the total number of SIM registrants already reached 52.3 million, with only a month left until the April 26 deadline.

Here's the breakdown:

  • DITO - 3,963,358
  • Globe - 21,682,365
  • Smart - 26,734,423

Lamentillo, however, said that the government and telcos do not see hitting 100 percent, as criminals using SIM cards to prey on their victims would surely deactivate their numbers.

Malalaman natin after the period of registration kung ilan ba talaga ang nagagamit for legitimate and illegitimate purposes, the DICT official said.

Lamentillo reiterated her call for Filipinos to schedule their SIM registration now to avoid deactivation after the deadline.

On possible extension, she said the DICT has yet to decide on this. The department has the power to extend the SIM registration by at least 120 days.

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