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Be careful of fake SIM registration apps - A guide on how to register with GOMO


GOMO warns its users of fake apps that may disrupt their SIM registration experience.
The new GOMO app

Only use the new GOMO PH app

SIM Registration Act Advisory
SIM Registration Act Advisory

GOMO said in a social media post that it has been receiving reports of some of its subscribers being a victim of these harmful apps.

Attention, GOMO Fam! There have been reports of some users using harmful apps such as autoclickers, it said.

Please avoid using these apps for everyone to have a smooth SIM registration experience, GOMO added.

It assured that it is implementing efforts to improve the registration process, like blocking the spammers.

Make sure to complete your SIM registration using only the new GOMO PH app, it reminded its users.

Here's how to register your SIM through the GOMO app:

  1. Download the "New GOMO PH app."
  2. Login through your GOMO number and enter the 6-digit PIN.
  3. Fill out the information required.
  4. Upload a photo of your government ID and a selfie.
  5. Once completed and verified, you will receive a code to prove your registration.

Take note that SIM registration is only until APRIL 26, so better do it now than be sorry later.

Have you registered your SIM already? Tell us how your experience was.

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