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Exclusive: Apple's open-source "iOS lite" is now in the works

A trusted industry source told team GIZGUIDE that American tech giant Apple is planning to further eat Android's market share by targeting the masses.
Exclusive: Apple's open-source "iOS lite" is now in the works
Artist interpretation of the upcoming "iOS lite"

Open-source iOS is in the works!

How? A "lite" version of its highly regarded operating system is now in the works.

The surprise? It is open-source.

Since it is open-source, analyst Kuan Kung Cheng told the select members of the press in a secret room last MWC 2023 in Barcelona, Spain that several Chinese smartphone OEMs have already started testing the new platform on their upcoming budget and mid-range devices.

The new OS is being dubbed "lite" has a few iOS functions will not work like the "Dynamic Island." Other functions like the 4K 60 fps video selfie mode might not also work on some phones from OEMs due to hardware limitations.

Other than that, iOS lite will retain most of the features we love about Apple's Mobile operating system like its smoothness, 6 to 8 years of major OS updates, and security, among others.

The analyst also said that Apple is working its butts off to make upcoming OS downloadable for all Android users.

The new OS is expected to launch sometime in Q4 2023.

Exciting right? Anyway, happy April fool's day!

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