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GMA 7's "Maria Clara at Ibarra" hits top spot on Netflix PH just days after release

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" is number one on Netflix Philippines just a few days after its release.
Maria Clara at Ibarra on Netflix PH
MCAI is no. 1 on Netflix PH

MCAI's one feat after another

Following its successful TV airing, the hit series "Maria Clara at Ibarra" is making another achievement, this time on the streaming platform Netflix.

Following its release on the site on April 14, it is now number one on Netflix’s list of "Top 10 TV Shows in the Philippines Today."
Screenshot from the Netflix app
Screenshot from the Netflix app

GMA-7 first announced that “Maria Clara at Ibarra” will be available on the streaming platform in March.

"Maria Clara at Ibarra" tells the story of Klay (played by Barbie Forteza) who gets transported inside the novel “Noli Me Tangere.”

Her journey inside the story revolves around self-discovery and making an impact to change the Philippines, which was then colonized by the Spaniards.

The Gen Z Maria Clara meets the main character Crisostomo Ibarra (played by Dennis Trillo) and his fiancée Maria Clara (played by Julie Anne San Jose). Klay also gets entangled with Fidel (played by David Licauco), who eventually becomes her love interest.

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