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Brand Finance: Top 10 Telecoms Infrastructure Brands 2023

Brand Finance, a firm for valuation and strategy consultancy shared the top 10 telecom infrastructure brands for 2023.
The infographics from Brand Finance
The infographics from Brand Finance

Brand Finance releases Top 10 Telecom infrastructure brands in 2023

Chinese tech conglomerate HUAWEI tops the list with a brand value of USD 44,292B with AAA- rating.
The infographics from Brand Finance
The table with complete data

It is followed by a US firm known as Cisco by nearly half by hand at 23,933B and double A+ rating.

Another US company, Qualcomm sits at the 3rd spot 8.5B value and a double A+ rating.

The fourth one comes from Nokia, a Finnish firm with a 7.8B value and double A rating.

ZTE claims the 5th spot, another Chinese company with a 3.6 billion brand value and an A+ rating.

The rest are Ericsson with a 2.6B value at the 6th spot with an AA rating, followed by Corning at the 7th spot with a 2.2B and AA rating, while Juniper Networks has the 8th place with a 1.1B value and A rating.

The last two are from China again known as Hengton with nearly 1 billion and ZTT with 638 million and an A- rating.

What do you guys think of the rankings?

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