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Filipinos have low average IQ—Wisevoter

Based on the latest market research by Wisevoter, the Philippines has an average IQ of 81.64.
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Low IQ Philippines—study

Data from Wisevoter
Data from Wisevoter

In particular, the 81.64 average IQ by Filipinos is ranked number 106 in the world.

The number of countries included in their study is 193. The global average is 82.

The Philippines also has a literacy rate of 96.62 at number 86 in the world with 1 Nobel Prize winner Maria Ressa.

Wisevoter shared on its website that, the Philippines is facing several challenges in the education system such as the shortage of teachers, limited infrastructure, and inadequate funding. Other factors that could contribute to the country's low average IQ are poverty, inadequate health care, and social inequality.

The average IQ in the Philippines is 81.64 and ranks one hundred and sixth in terms of average IQ. The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is a developing country with a large population and significant economic inequality. The country’s education system faces several challenges, including a shortage of qualified teachers, limited infrastructure, and inadequate funding. Poverty, inadequate healthcare, and social inequality are some of the factors that can contribute to the low average Philippine IQ.

Based on the global ranking, the Philippines is slightly below average. But, based on the standardized IQ test, it is low. 

An IQ score between 85 and 100 on a standardized IQ test is considered average.

Top 10 countries with the highest IQ 

1. Japan - 106.48
2. Taiwan - 106.47
3. Singapore - 105.89
4. Hong Kong - 105.37
5. China - 104.1
6. South Korea - 102.35
7. Belarus - 101.6
8. Finland - 101.2
9. Liechtenstein - 101.07
10. Germany - 100.74
106. Philippines - 81.64

The highest country on the list is Japan with an average IQ of 106.48. 6 countries in the top 10 are from Asia.

The IQ ranking by Wisevoter is based on the Lynn and Becker study, Intelligence of Nations, which attempts to rank countries based on their average IQ scores. To gather its data, they used standardized IQ tests administered across various countries and compiled from various sources. 

To those who missed it, the intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from a set of standardized tests or subtests designed to assess human intelligence.

You may read the source below for the full report of Wisevoter.

Source: Wisevoter

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