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DxOMark: HUAWEI P60 Pro destroys the competition, crowned as the new mobile camera king!

Camera testing laboratory DxOMark has just published the camera rating of the much-hyped HUAWEI P60 Pro.
New number 1 at DxOMark

Better cameras for photography than everyone else yet!

As expected, it came out on top of its camera rankings by besting even smartphones with bigger 1-inch sensors.
The score breakdown
The score breakdown

In particular, the device achieved a top Photo score of 159 points, a top Bokeh score of 80 points, a Preview score of 75, a top Zoom score of 158, and a Video score of 147 points. It also has the top Use Cases scores for Family & Friends and lowlight at 146 and 132 points, respectively. Its average score is 156 points.

HUAWEI P60 Pro's 156 points are 3 points higher than the OPPO Find X6 Pro (the former leader) with 153 points. It is also 10 points higher than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 16 points higher than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The HUAWEI P60 Pro takes the top spot in our Camera ranking, thanks to class-leading still image quality with the primary camera and at most zoom settings. Its variable aperture is adjusted automatically based on light conditions and content of the scene, providing an excellent experience in all lighting conditions. In video, it showed some noticeable improvements over its predecessors.

DxO noted that the P60 Pro is ideal for all types of pictures and videos in all lighting conditions with outstanding performance in low light, accurate skin tone rendering, and a high level of detail at all zoom rangers.

Thanks to its variable aperture, it has a large depth of field and can keep everyone in a group shot in focus. It also has an outstanding performance in macro mode, particularly with the tele lens.

We agree with DxOMark this time and you may see our own camera samples found in this link.

The Chinese tech giant achieved this by using the new HUAWEI XMAGE camera system boasting with 48MP Ultra-Lighting Camera with Phase Focus, Contrast Focus, and OIS + 13MP f/2.2 25mm Ultra-Wide Angle Camera + 48MP f/2.1 Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera with 3.5x optical zoom with 125mm equivalent.

The wide 48MP of HUAWEI features one of the biggest sensors on a phone at 1/1.43-inch and it even has an f/1.4 to f/4.0 variable aperture with a total of 10 stops. 

Both the back and front camera configurations can record up to 4K at 60fps. The ultra-wide cam has a limitation at 4K 30fps.

Note that HUAWEI bested everyone else at DxOMark even if the said lab hasn't even tested the HUAWEI P60 Art with even stronger camera specs than the P60 Pro.

To read DxOMark's full HUAWEI P60 Pro lab test, check our source below.

Source: DxOMark

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