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Watch: HUAWEI P60 Pro—No contest, best camera phone in the Philippines 2023!

The HUAWEI P60 is the company's newest high-end camera phone in the Philippines with a starting price of PHP 58,990.
File photo: HUAWEI P60 Pro

This is the device that DxOMark recently hailed as the new king of mobile cameras with a total score of 156 points.

On paper, it appears that they are right as it has one of the strongest camera specs you will find on a 2023 smartphone. It introduces new innovative imaging solutions on a slim smartphone aiming to continue HUAWEI's dominance in the mobile photography space.
The camera UI
The camera UI

In particular, the device is boasting an Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera. This consists of a 48MP sensor with f/2.1 large aperture, multiple lens groups, and OIS. So far, f/2.1 is the largest aperture found on a periscope telephoto sensor and this means that it can take more light for better images even in the dark than other mobile zoom lenses.

The primary camera of this device is the Ultra Lighting Main Camera. It is a 1/1.43-inch48MP sensor with f/1.4~f/4.0 physical aperture with 6 blades in total.

The last at the back is a 13MP f/2.2 Ultra-Wide Angle Camera. For selfies, it is using a versatile 13MP f/2.4 selfie shooter that can go from Wide, 0.8x, to 1x.

Anyway, enough talking, and let's watch this video.

Watch: HUAWEI P60 Pro—No contest, best camera phone in the Philippines 2023!

Quick thoughts

This is the first smartphone I've tried that can really be a great substitute for my bulky camera in case I'm too lazy to bring it. It is suitable for event coverages, product shots on the go, portrait photography, and even concerts where you need to use zoom. Even in the dark, it performs really well.

Aside from the impressive shooting capabilities we demonstrated earlier, especially the amazing zoom and low light capabilities, the device is undeniably gorgeous, durable, and fast.

The HUAWEI P60 Pro is that good and we highly recommend it to anyone in need of a premium smartphone that takes some of the best shots you will find on a smartphone.

What do you guys think?
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