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GCash: Keep these in mind to protect yourself from text scams, phishing links


As individuals, we have a role to play when it comes to protecting ourselves and fighting scammers.
Double-check before you click

Spotting, and avoiding fraudulent texts, links

With the proliferation of online scams, here are some pointers from GCash you can keep in mind to protect yourself.

First is to check the sender before clicking links sent to you. A major red flag is if the message is asking you to log in outside the app.

Also, make sure that the sender's details come from official GCash accounts.

Third, REMEMBER that GCash will never ask for your personal information unless you request help via the GCash Center.

Keep in mind to NEVER share your MPIN or OTP. GCash will only ask for this when you are logging in to the official app.
GCash will never ask for your personal information
GCash will never ask for your personal information

Recently, GCash users raised concern over allegedly losing funds on their accounts.

A report noted unauthorized transactions reached about PHP 37 million.

The funds were transferred to an EastWest Banking Corporation without their knowledge.

GCash said it has launched an investigation. It then said it was able to stop the hacking attempts.

This was averted by GCash which immediately put a hold order on the transfers once the pattern was detected. The money is intact, and everything will be returned to our clients, a Globe official told Inquirer.

The e-wallet platform apologized for the downtime its users also experienced for maintenance works.

It also assured that deductions would be settled immediately and that users' funds remain safe.

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Sources: GCash, Inquirer

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