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Pay PHP 15,000 to choose your own Smart postpaid number, here's how:


Smart's postpaid applicants can pay a PHP 15,000 one-time fee to get a more personalized number.
PHP 15K for a personalized number anyone?

The new option is available to both SIM-only and Device plans!

More personalized Smart postpaid planSmart now allows its postpaid applicants to choose their preferred number combination. The option is open to both SIM-only and Device plans.

After choosing your preferred postpaid plan, the next step will depend on the plan you chose.

If you chose a device plan, you will have to select your desired mobile phone first. For SIM-only, the next step will be choosing a number.

Under the tab for selecting your number, you can immediately select the assigned number for you.

There are also standard numbers to choose from at the "Choose another number" tab, which are for FREE.

Another option is a set of special numbers. Do note that going for this option comes with a one-time fee of PHP 15,000.
Choose numbers
Choose numbers

For both options, you can use the search bar to check out combinations that have the numbers that you prefer may it be at the beginning or at the end. For this example, we tried the combination "9898."

The assigned number also adjusts depending on the number combination you searched for.

Upon completing these, you can just fill out the remaining tabs and comply with the other steps depending on the plan you chose to complete your application.
Choose your plan
Choose your plan

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