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HUAWEI: Reports on getting access to 5G chips false


HUAWEI has denied a report that said it will be supplied with a 5G Qualcomm chipset.
HUAWEI flagship store in Shenzhen China
File photo: HUAWEI flagship store logo in China

HUAWEI clarifies the alleged return of 5G in its devices

To set the record straight, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group chief Yu Chengdong has denied allegations that the Chinese tech company will be bringing back 5G chips in its products.

Citing MyDrivers, Huawei Central said that Yu made a major refusal on the claim and clarified the current state of Qualcomm and HUAWEI’s supply chain.

To recall, the US government placed HUAWEI on its "entity list" due to spying allegations.

HUAWEI already denied such claims, saying these were only groundless suspicions.

As a result, this prevented the company from accessing US-made technology without a special license.

This is the reason why the latest HUAWEI devices do not have features like Google and 5G.

The recent rumor about 5G chips being used in HUAWEI devices started from reports from China. They claimed that Qualcomm received approval from the US to supply the 5G chips to the Chinese tech company.

It was said that the move was made to help Qualcomm generate more sales.

The last HUAWEI device that came with 5G was the Mate 40 Pro of 2020.

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