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LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier Hit best features: Multi-filtration system, compact design, and more!

In April, South Korean technology giant LG released its newest air purifier in the country—the PuriCare 360 Hit.
LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier Hit best features
Meet LG 360 Air Purifier Hit

The device is designed to provide its users with 360 degrees deep clean air that can also reduce bacteria, viruses, ultra-fine dust, allergens, harmful gasses, and more.

All of that, in a compact body.

Let's see if it is the one for you. Read on.

LG 360 Air Purifier Hit best features: Multi-filtration system, compact design, and more!

It can fit and blend well in most spaces
It can fit and blend well in most spaces

1. Compact design, sleek look - One of the advantages of the LG 360 Air Purifier Hit is its compact design. It measures just 315 x 511 mm making it small enough to fit most spaces.

It also comes in a cylindrical body with hints of mostly white and a few black accents for that sleek and minimalist look. In short, it could easily blend with the style of most homes. #Estetik
Layers and layers of filters
Layers and layers of filters

2. Multi-filtration system - Since it is an air purifier from a highly trusted brand, the device has an impressive filtration system.

It includes IV Nano (UV light) technology, pre-filter + dust collection, HEPA total dust collection + allergy car filter, and harmful gas filter with pollutant (N02, S02) removal.

LG claims that it can clean air 360 degrees up to 62 square meters (sqm) in total. That's as big as most living rooms and could be great for most medium-sized and small homes.

Moreover, it has been certified by BAF to remove harmful allergens like dust mites, fungi, and mold in the air, tested by FITI to eliminate 99.99 percent of bacteria, tested by KCL against viruses and dust, and TÜV Rheinland of the quantity of generated negative ion.

In short, it has been certified by experts from independent bodies to work as advertised.

This is sweet for someone like me allergic rhinitis and with furry pets like cats at home.
LED panel
LED panel

3. Smart control, plenty of features - One thing that I like about the LG 360 Air Purifier Hit is it is very easy to use.

The device has an LED panel that monitors air quality in real-time. It shows when your air is polluted, smelly, dusty, and clean.

It also has Quiet Operation. At low fan speed, it is barely noticeable. On sleep mode, it is just at 25dB. The loudest is 53dB at Turbo mode.

The higher the fan speed, the faster it purifies the air. 

We noticed that our room got colder too at higher fan speeds when your AC is on. It acts like an air circulator that distributes air to your room quite well.
ThinQ app
ThinQ app

AND yes, it has WiFi that allows users to easily connect the device to their mobile phones using the LG ThinQ app.

From there, you can control the air purifier anywhere. You can even monitor its filter to know when you need to replace it as well as Smart Diagnosis to troubleshoot the product.

Since it is LG ThinQ compatible, you can connect it to your Smart Home system like Google Home or Alexa.

In our case, I can use Google Home to turn it on and off and even set the fan speed with the use of voice.
Lazada promo of LG 360 Air Purifier Hit
Lazada promo of LG 360 Air Purifier Hit

4. Budget-friendly price tag - Despite having all those advanced features in ensuring that you have clean air at home, the device has a reasonable price tag. The SRP is PHP 19,999.

BUT at Lazadathe device retails for just PHP 12,980 as of writing. It is a buy 1 take 1 deal as well.

Sweet deal right?
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There you go. These are the best features of the new 
LG 360 Air Purifier Hit for us.

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