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Valorant update: New Agent "Deadlock" and Battlepass!

Valorant's latest update brings new battle pass details and a new agent known as "Deadlock".
Valorant update: New Agent "Deadlock" and Battlepass!

Valorant brings new Agent Deadlock!

The new update will provide an ever-growing meta in the game. Deadlock is a Norwegian agent with abilities that can concuss, trap bloc, and defeat enemies using her Letahl nano wire trap.

The first ability (C) called GravNet grenade when fired using the left click can detonate upon landing and will force your foes to crouch and will be slowed.

Up next is called the Sonic Sensor (Q) an ability that can track an area for enemies who make footstep sounds, weapon firing, or other significant noises. Apart from that once detected, the ability will concuss that specific area.

Another ability is called the Barrier Mesh (E). If you throw the disc, it will generate barriers from the origin point that will block character movement. This skill can also block other agents' abilities, including Gekko's Wingman.

Lastly, the Ultimate key (X) is called "Annilhation" Upon pressing the key, it will let you equip the Nanowire Accelerator which upon firing, will bring out pulses of nanowires that will capture the first enemy it comes to contact.

The cocooned target will be dragged down a predetermined nanowire course, and if the caught agent does not reach the end of this area before being rescued, the agent will die. The nanowire cocoon is lethal, requiring several rounds to kill it.

See the trailer below.

Moving forward, the Battle Pass is also updated with colorful skins with a modern look. It is priced at 1,000 Valorant points and will bring new cosmetics for Frenzy, Guardian, Operator, and Spectre.

It also includes a composite skin line for Marshall, Phantom, Sheriff, Stinger, and Melee.

There's also the Digihex skin line for Ares, Bulldog, Ghost, and Judge.

What do you guys think?

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