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Smart satellite customers urged to register their SIMs

The PLDT Group is urging its subscribers with Smart Satellite (SmartSAT) prepaid SIM cards to register their SIMs as the process is set to end on July 25.
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SIM registration deadline set on July 25

In a statement, PLDT reminded its subscribers that failure to register may result in the deactivation of their SIMs, which means they can no longer enjoy Smart's services.

SmartSAT provides voice calls, emails, text messages, and data services in areas with compromised or difficult cellular coverage. The service is aimed at individuals and communities "in critical and demanding fields," including the media, the military, adventure tourism, and disaster and emergency response agencies.

As mandated under the SIM Registration Act, you also need to register your SmartSAT SIMs. Otherwise, any unregistered satellite SIM will be deactivated after the set SIM registration deadline by the government, said Mitch Locsin, First Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International Business Groups of PLDT and Smart.

Here's how to register:

Individual subscribers and company representatives only need to fill out the appropriate Smart SAT Registration form for Individual or Corporate accounts and email a scanned and signed copy to smartsatsimreg@smart.com.ph.

What do you need to submit?

Individual customer - Scanned copy of government-issued ID and a selfie photo
Private companies - Certificate of registration, a valid ID of their company's authorized signatory, and a secretary's certificate or special power of attorney designating the authorized signatory
Government agencies - Certificate of registration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) or BIR Form 2303, a valid ID of the authorized signatory, and a Department or Office Order or any other similar document duly signed by the head of the government entity, designating the authorized representative(s) to register the acquired SIMs for official use

SIM Registration Certificate Number will then be emailed after the successful registration.

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