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Super sale alert: Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TV receives up to PHP 66,700 price cut!

Sharp Philippines on Facebook recently announced a massive price cut for the AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TVs.
File photo: Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TV
File photo: Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TV

Sharp 8K TV sale alert

Sharp 8K TV price cut in PH
Sharp 8K TV price cut in PH

From PHP 133,298, the 60-inch (8T-C60DW1X) variant is down to PHP 88,798. That's a PHP 44,500 price cut.

Meanwhile, from PHP 177,698, the larger 70-inch (8T-C70DW1X) model is down to just PHP 110,998. It's a MASSIVE PHP 66,700 price cut.

Moreover, the TVs will come with a FREE Opsodis soundbar worth PHP 49,998 and a FREE Bracket + Installation.

To recap, the Sharp AQUOS The Scenes 8K Smart TVs uses Japan-made 8K UV2A panel with lower reflection and newly develop backlight with a color gamut that exceeds 100 percent and 167 percent brighter display versus conventional models.

The TVs also go with the company's proprietary Deep Chroma Display Pro technology designed to produce picture quality that "gives you the feeling of being there" as well as the AI-assisted HDR Enhanced+ technology that optimizes middle tones where people can easily perceive contrasts and can optimize light by detecting darker and brighter areas and driving its backlight by areas.

In addition, it has the Streaming Video Optimizer, 8K AI Upconvert that can upscale content to 8K with reduced noise as well as the Z2 Revelation Processor to run 8K content with high image quality and performance as well as precise image processing.

It uses Android TV with Google Assistant as well.

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