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Tango, Wallyt, and Ant Group signs partnership to boost financial inclusion of Philippine MSMEs

Tango Technologies has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Wallyt and Ant Group, Digital Technologies to support the growth of offline MSMEs.
Tango, Wallyt, and Ant Group signs partnership to boost financial inclusion of Philippine MSMEs
Ant Group Digital Technologies, Wallyt, and Tango banners in one place

More choices for the unbanked?

Jan Chan, President of Tango Technologies said in a press statement that "Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of the Philippines. It is responsible for employing more than 60 percent of the population and contributing to 40 percent of the country's GDP. We look forward to working with Wallyt and Ant Group to help these offline MSMEs thrive."
Agreement signing of the three parties
Agreement signing of the three parties, Derrick Loi - GM of International Business, Ant Group Technologies; Jan Chan - Co-founder, Tango Technologies; Ryan Uy, Co-Founder Tango Technologies, and Tong Liu, CEO of Wallyt

Wallyt is a FinTech company that aims to provide all-inclusive mobile payment and open banking solutions. It now serves more than 150 banks and financial institutions in over 50 countries. This includes an integrated payment gateway, white-label and customized eWallet Solution, Virtual Card Issuing Solution, Collect&Disburse, Cross-border Remittances, and Digital Banking Solutions.

While Ant Group Digital Technologies is an affiliate company of the Alibaba Group. The same group owns the world's largest mobile digital payment platform, Alipay. 

All three parties recognize that financial inclusion is key to fostering sustainable economic growth. This collaboration between Tango, Wallyt, and Ant Group Digital Technologies is a testament to the commitment of all parties to promote economic development and financial inclusion in the Philippines.

By providing MSMEs with equitable and accessible financial products and services, the three parties say that they envision a prosperous future - where even the smallest Filipino entrepreneurs can easily access financial services, effectively manage their resources, and expand their businesses with confidence.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tango will leverage Zoloz eKYC (regtech), mPaaS (mobile development platform), and Ant Risk Control from Ant Group's Digital Technologies to power and secure digital financial services platforms for MSMEs across the country.

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