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New iOS 17 Apple Music features will be available on Android too

According to recent reports, the new features of iO17 Apple Music are also coming to Android.
iOS 17 Apple Music

Soon on Android!

The 4.3.0 beta version of Apple Music for Android was released earlier this month.

It will have a new "Now Playing" interface showing animated album artwork on full screen. It has a beautiful effect alongside a blurred background.

Moreover, it will also have a new song credits section for Apple Music. This is similar to the one found in Apple Music Classic which lets users check the details of the artists, songwriters, and producers behind the song.

To view the credits for a song, tap the three-dot buttons and choose View Credits. The section includes categories like performing artists, songwriting, lyrics, product, and engineering. It also shows if the song is available in  Dolby Atmos and Lossless in iOS 17 beta 3.

The other new feature coming to Apple Music is the Collaborative Playlists which lets friends join a playlist and everyone can add a song, reorder or remove songs, and even use emojis to react on tracks shown in the Now Playing interface. The said feature will be available later this year.

There is no word on when will the update be available to the public. Likely, it will be available next month alongside the release of iOS 17 for iPhone.

Via: 9to5Mac

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