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OnePlus Liquid Cooling charging accessory launched: Will reduce temps by up to 34 degrees Celsius!

OnePlus revealed a smartphone accessory that can help to cool down your heating phones when charging.
OnePlus Liquid Cooling charging accessory launched: Will reduce temps by up to 34-degrees Celsius!
The cooling charger accessory

OnePlus Liquid cooling accessory launched!

It comes with a unique concept of having a magnetic design so it can be placed at the back of the phone with the ability to cool them via a radiator combined with wireless charging capability of up to 10W.

Another highlight is that it incorporates cutting-edge liquid cooling technology that offers 50 times more efficient convective heat transfer than conventional air cooling. A liquid cooling plate, Hall sensor, TEC cooling plate, thermally conductive silicone pad, and a high-performance water pump are used to achieve this for improved cooling efficiency.
The design
The design

OnePlus also claimed that it can bring down temperature by up to 34 degrees Celsius to ensure your devices will maintain performance at peak performances.

The said device is compatible with a wide range of electronic products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, the brand noted they are offering a separate heat-conductive magnetic adhesive patch.
Compatible with other devices too!
Compatible with other devices too!

Another worth pointing out is the low noise level which the brand manages to bring down to 24dB only even at high power.

Furthermore, the brand added triple water protection against condensation in this cooler to answer concerns like condensation inside the device from excessive cooling or blockages in the water pipe or fan. Under these conditions, the device immediately enters a protection state to guarantee security and effectiveness.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

OnePlus Liquid-Cooled Magnetic Wireless charging cooler - CNY 549 (around PHP 4K)

It is currently available in China only. No word yet if the brand intends to bring this to other markets.

What do you guys think?

Source: ITHOME

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