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Apple to move end call button in iOS 17

Apple users may need time to adjust to this new feature expected on iOS 17.
iOS 17 features

End call button to move to the bottom right of the screen

According to a report by CNBC, the awaited release of Apple’s iOS 17 will include one of the biggest changes on the iPhone.

Among the expected new features are live voicemail, contact posters, and NameDrop for when sharing contacts.

However, the beta version of the latest iOS rolled out in June also featured an end call button at the lower right-hand corner instead of it being centered in the bottom third of the screen.

Check out the screenshot below from CNBC to see where exactly will the end call button be once iOS 17 is available for all.

This will not be the first time Apple rearranged its interface.
The keypad
The keypad

Apple in 2021 changed its Safari browser in a beta version of iOS 15 to put the URL bar at the bottom and updated its design. However, by the time the final version was released in September, Apple gave users an option to put the bar back on top.

Apple did not respond to a question about whether the new call screen might change back or become customizable.

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