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RUMOR: Nintendo Switch 2 secretly shown at Gamescom 2023

Some reports claim to suggest that Nintendo has secretly showcased the 2nd generation of Switch at the prestigious gaming event.
RUMOR: Nintendo Switch 2 secretly shown at Gamescom 2023
Unofficial renders of Switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2 allegedly shown at Gamescom 2023

A renowned leaker known as @JezCorden claimed that the company has silently shown the next-gen portable console to "select media and developers" during the Gamescom 2023. Jez Corden also continued that we might see full reveal and leaks anytime soon.
The Tweet from the leaker
The Tweet from the leaker

This further solidifies other Switch 2 leaks. There have been reports recently that Nintendo has already begun distributing the developer kit in some regions to its partners and that the full launch may happen in H2 2024.

Adding more fire to the fuel, even the company rivals are paying close attention to them as Microsoft has already claimed that "a new Nintendo Switch console is on the way". 

According to collected rumors, Nintendo intends to bring a 1080p or 720p 8-inch screen, a custom NVIDIA Tegra T239 processor. It will also feature 24GBPS HDMI 2.1 support, 10-bit HDR, and 4K output at 60 frames per second.

The leaked memory will be 16GB of RAM and could start at 128GB of storage and will be offered up to 512GB of storage.

Meanwhile, the Switch 2 is expected to support backward compatibility with the vast library of the previous generation.

As of the moment, this is just all but rumors and you may take them with a grain of salt. But seeing there's a rise of reports about the Nintendo Switch 2 in the past couple of months. This might just be it.

What do you guys think?

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