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Spotify’s AI-powered DJ now in PH


Spotify's AI-powered DJ can now be accessed by premium users in the Philippines.
Photo from Spotify

Your personal Spotify DJ
Spotify's AI-powered DJ was made available in the Philippines early this month, according to an August 8 statement by the company.

The Philippines, along with a number of other markets in Asia, Europe, and Africa were the latest areas to be given access to the AI DJ after its launch early this year.

This latest feature of Spotify is simply called DJ. Its initial voice model is based on Spotify's Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier "X" Jernigan.

At its core, DJ is all about connection and discovery. DJ's powerful combination of our personalization technology, generative AI in the hands of our music experts, and a dynamic AI voice makes it possible for listening to feel even more personal, and fans keep coming back for more, Spotify said.

To access your very own DJ, you have to be subscribed to Spotify Premium.

You can find DJ on the app by going to the Music tab located on Home. You can also access it in the Made for You hub within the Search tab.

Simply tap DJ and let it do the rest.

DJ will serve up a lineup of music picked just for you, alongside short English-language commentary on the songs and artists. And if you’re not feeling the vibe, just hit the DJ button at the bottom right of the screen to be taken to a different genre, artist, or mood, Spotify said.

The company noted DJ is still in beta, and improvements on the feature will be continuously incorporated.

Have you tried this feature already? Let us know what you think about it.

Source: Spotify

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