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Rumor: HUAWEI is building its own CMOS camera sensor

According to a new tip from Jerrold_Tech on Weibo, HUAWEI is currently building its own CMOS image sensor.
The camera system of HUAWEI P60 Pro
The camera system of HUAWEI P60 Pro

HUAWEI's own camera sensor coming?

The tip says that the development of this new camera sensor involves the entire process from wafer to chip. The post also claims that HUAWEI has made innovations in some processes like the thinning of layers which can be compared with mainstream back-illuminated processes (BSI).
The post from Weibo
The post from Weibo

For the longest time, HUAWEI and Sony have been working together to create some of the very best smartphone cameras we've seen. Even the HUAWEI P60 Pro, the current highest-ranking camera uses Sony sensors with the tuning of HUAWEI's self-developed XMAGE technology (the tech that replaced Leica).

However, HUAWEI hasn't confirmed this yet. Remember that it is just a rumor for now and we should take this with a grain of salt. There is no word regarding its technical performance as well.

If true, this move could make HUAWEI more self-reliant than ever. HUAWEI could also customize the sensor and tune it better with its own ISP and chip.

Source: Weibo

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