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Qualcomm rebrands its PC chips to Snapdragon X Series!

As Qualcomm revealed its new naming for its PC chipset, it also introduced what fans can expect from the Snapdragon X Series.
Qualcomm rebrands its PC chips to Snapdragon X Series!
Snapdragon X Series coming soon!

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Series chips introduced!

Previously, the PC version of the processor from Snapdragon had the "cx" moniker but they suddenly opted to use the "X" term apart from its modem chip which also has the same X branding. Apparently, Qualcomm intends to compete with Apple's M series chips which are proven in the industry.

Anyways, the said Snapdragon X processors use the custom Oryon CPU cores while the chipmaker claimed users can expect a "next-level" performance alongside Artificial Intelligence, connectivity, and battery life.
Qualcomm to use Oryon CPU
Qualcomm to use Oryon CPU

Meanwhile, Qualcomm highlighted that through the combined NPU and CPU, users can have better on-device experiences, particularly with the Oryon CPU.

To give you an idea, Oryon CPUs are ARM PC-only processors from Nuvia which interestingly was the team behind the Apple A-series previously for iPhones and iPads.

As of the moment, the chipmakers has kept their mouth shut with regards to specifications, but there's a possibility we might hear more from them soon when the Snapdragon Summit 2023 happens this October.

What do you guys think?

Source: Qualcomm

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