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X (formerly Twitter) launches two new subscription options starting at PHP165/month

X has added two new options to its subscriptions list amid its fight against spam and bots.
X adds two new subscription options

New X subscriptions as low as PHP165/month

According to X, a Basic subscription will be priced at PHP 165 a month, or PHP 1,752.38 per year.

Its features include editing/longer/undoing posts, posting lengthier videos, accessing top articles, reader, background video playback, download videos, and small reply boost.

This allows SMS two-factor authentication and, encrypted direct messages. Subscribers can also customize app icons, bookmark folders, navigation, theme, highlights tab, hide likes and subscriptions.

For the Premium subscription, which was first launched, it now costs PHP 440 per month or PHP 4,600 per year. Its added features are half ads in For You and Following, a larger reply boost, getting the checkmark, and ID verification. Users can also hide their checkmarks.

This also gives subscribers access to the Creator Hub.

The third option is Premium+ which costs PHP 880 per month or PHP 9,200 annually. Its only difference with the mid-tier subscription is it guarantees no ads in the For You and Following tabs, as well as it allows for the largest reply boost.

X owner Elon Musk first announced the launching of two new subscriptions this month.

In a post on X, Musk said: "Two new tiers of X Premium subscriptions launching soon."

The announcement came after X said it started testing a new program "Not A Bot" in New Zealand and the Philippines.

This new test was developed to bolster our already significant efforts to reduce spam, manipulation of our platform and bot activity, the company said.

X said subscription options have proven to be the main solution that works at scale.

To subscribe, just tap on the "X" icon on the app or website.

Have you subscribed to any of these yet?

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