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GCash: Beware of fake news, our services are still available

Earlier, GCash mysteriously disappeared from the Google Play Store.
GCash is working
GCash is working

GCash releases an advisory to combat fake news involving its app

While this is just probably a temporary issue (maybe there is an update), some users are already spreading fake news online.

Some of them say that the "GCash app is down so cash out your balance now as on February 10, the GCash app will be removed from app stores". Some even claimed that they know the reason why GCash is currently not available on Google Play at the moment.

GCash posted on Facebook and assures all of its users that the information is false and the app continues to be accessible.

Be warned of these posts circulating on social media. GCash services continue to be accessible. Rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.

Meanwhile, GCash is up and available for download for iOS users. Upon checking on my Android phone, the app is perfectly fine as well.

We are still waiting for the official details on why GCash is not available for download on Google Play right now.

Unfortunately, GCash has been a target of false information recently. Only believe its official statements that you can see on its official website and social media pages.

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