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CES 2024: TECNO receives "2023-2024 Global Smartphone Brands Top 10" award

Fast-rising mobile maker TECNO received the "Global Smartphone Brands Top 10" award for the second consecutive year at CES 2024.
TECNO receives "2023-2024 Global Smartphone Brands Top 10" award

TECNO is one of the top 10 mobile brands in the world

TECNO's awards at CES 2024
TECNO's awards at CES 2024

TECNO's success was attributed to its global brand strategy and "Going Premium" achievements in technology innovation and design excellence. The award also further solidifies TECNO's position as one of the global leaders of frontier markets.'

TECNO continues to captivate with their outstanding achievements this year, expressed Zhu Dongfang, President of the Asian Digital Group on behalf of the jury team. Their unwavering dedication to technological advancements for global frontiers is truly commendable. TECNO's innovative prowess and commitment to excellence make them an exceptional consumer electronics brand.

Some of TECNO's 2023 Award-winning Smartphone Series include the high-end Phantom Series, the mid-range camera-focused CAMON Series, the affordable gaming POVA Series, and the budget SPARK Series.

To those who who missed it, the annual CES Global Top Brands Award, is hosted by Asia Digital Group, and European Digital Group. It is also supported by TWICE and International Data Corporation (IDC). The awards-giving body aims to honor global consumer electronic brands at frontier innovations for global consumers and promote the entire industry's development.

For the CES Global Top Brands Ranking 2024, AI and tech innovation take center stage.

TECNO said that it has several new AI innovations like Universal Tone technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, AI voice recognition, AIoT vertical application technology architecture, and 5G.

As an explainer, TECNO Universal Tone is the company's most advanced AI-Powered multi-skin tone imaging technology that integrates the industry's newest spectral database and insights.

TECNO also worked through a 3-year global strategic partnership on Android system collaborations with Google to be the first in the industry to its OS assistant experience through the fusion of Chat GPT AI and voice assistant excellence with TECNO Avatar Ella.

Thanks to its Go Global strategy with local understanding in 70 countries, TECNO was able to grow its user base and brand influence.

Counterpoint Research's market monitor service said that the smartphone maker grew across all regions in Q3 2023 by 62 percent YoY (Year-over-Year).

TECNO said that its proportion of higher-valued devices also expanded further. For example, its 5G devices grew by 600 percent in Q3 2023 coming from Q1 2022. The sales of its more premium CAMON Series and PHANTOM Series also creased by 53 percent YoY, outpacing company-wide growth rates. 

TECNO's General Manager, Guo Lei, expressed gratitude for being recognized alongside other international brands at CES 2024 while stating,

TECNO will always be committed to unlocking cutting-edge innovations through premium products, narrowing the gap between frontier markets and global digitization.

Source: PR Newswire

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