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GOMO launches roaming offers for Pinoy travellers

The Philippines' first digital telco brand GOMO has introduced its roaming offers for Filipinos, which they can use in more than 160 countries.
GOMO Roam is now available!

GOMO now offers roaming data

GOMO said Filipino travelers can easily roam their favorite international destinations, such as Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong, with the GOMO Roam.

Basically, GOMO users can now roam using local rates by buying a promo or via 'Mo Creds. Get 3-day data access when traveling abroad by swapping your local GBs via 'Mo Creds or availing of the promo for as low as PHP 399 via the GOMO PH App.

What to do?

To swap your GBs to international GBs via ‘Mo Creds, just follow these steps:
1. Open the GOMO PH app and click on ‘Mo Creds
2. Go to the Roaming tab and select the Roaming offer of your choice.
3. Click “Swap Now” to confirm the ‘Mo Creds transaction

Meanwhile, for those who need bigger data allocation and a longer validity period while traveling, they can also register for specific promos available in the app for as low as PHP 399. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the GOMO PH app and go to the Shop section.
2. Go to Data offers and choose Roaming.
3. Select the Roaming data offer of your choice and confirm the transaction.

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