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Nothing introduces Glyph Developer Kit!

Nothing Tech has announced its Glyph Developer Kit allowing developers to create more LED notifications and functions.
Nothing introduces Glyph Developer Kit!
The announcement photo

Nothing launches its Glyph Developer Kit!

To recap, the Glyph Interface is one of Nothing's distinctive features. It is basically an LED strip attached to the Phone (1) and (2)'s rear. These lights blink when there are notifications and the more recent development allows the users to actually sync the blinking according to music playing.
The Nothing Phone (2)'s Glyph
The Nothing Phone (2)'s Glyph

Right now the said developer is available on GitHub and works with Phone (1) and (2) variants. There are twelve customizable LEDD lighting on the Phone (1) then there are 33 lights on the Phone (2).

The Glyph Developer Kit GitHub page includes the repository and support documents coupled with a precise guide on Glyph Interface indexation for each of the two supported devices.

Developers may start exploring using the said kit and can also sign up to get informed when API key registrations begin.

What do you guys think?

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