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Registering to GStocks PH is easy, you shouldn’t be intimidated!

Experts have said that this is the right time to do the stock market. Here's a guide on how you can start if you are interested.
Registering to GStocks PH is easy, you shouldn’t be intimidated!
GCash Gstocks

Making investing in stocks more accessible to Filipinos

Last year, GCash launched its online stocks trading platform GStocks PH. Its main goal is to invite more Filipinos to get into investing in stocks, which are most of the time viewed as expensive and not for all.

Through the e-wallet app, users can easily top-up, buy or sell, and withdraw the amount they earned from investing in the Philippine Stock market.

To make this possible, GCash partnered with brokerage firm AB Capital.

The two companies teamed up to achieve a common goal — getting more Filipinos into trading.

But why should Filipinos do so?

GCash and AB Capital both said the timing is perfect now given the current situation in the market.

The broker also explained: “If you look at the stock market side, we’re at the very bottom, there’s now foreigners investing, liquidity is so bad, stocks are so cheap right now. If there is a time to invest, I think it’s now because cycles come and go.”

“Timing is right. We are at the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up,” it added.

To start your stock market journey, you simply have to open your own GCash account. Note that a fully verified account is needed to access GStocks PH.

You can either create a basic or full account.
The GCash GStocks UI
The GCash GStocks UI

To make a basic account:

1. Go to GInvest then tap GStocks PH.

2. Review your information then submit.

Upon submission, AB Capital will get in touch with you within 24 hours, but processing of the application may take up to 7 banking days.

For a full account, more details will be needed:

1. Fill out your employment details.

2. Answer the questions for your investor profile.

3. Read and agree to the terms then tap Submit.

AB Capital will review your application. This may also take 7 banking days.

For basic account holders, there is still a chance to upgrade your account. Doing so will allow you to fully take advantage of GStocks to grow your money.

Once approved, you can easily top-up, buy/sell stocks, and withdraw via the platform. You can also monitor stock price movements on the GCash app among many other features.

Truly, investing is an exciting way to grow your money. But keep in mind that wherever you invest, there will surely be risks. This will just depend on what kind of investor you are. Are you on the safe side or are ready to face high risks?

What do you think about this?

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