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MediaTek shares how it contributes to "driving the future" of AI

MediaTek said it has created a team assigned to help in studying AI opportunities.
MediaTek Dimensity Auto demo last MWC 2024

The role of MediaTek's research team

These days, many companies have been integrating artificial intelligence into their operations or products. Such an innovation has allowed businesses—and people as a whole—to be more efficient.

To help accelerate the pace of AI innovation, MediaTek said it has dedicated a team called MediaTek Research. This is working to develop fundamental AI breakthroughs along with practical applications.

We're committed to empowering people, while also creating systems that are intelligent, ethical, secure, and sustainable, said Alberto Bernacchia, Principal AI Research Lead at MediaTek. By pushing the boundaries of what AI can do, we can unlock new opportunities and develop new innovations that will shape our future.

The team works in research centers located in Cambridge and Taiwan, along with universities across the globe. It usually presents its research at AI conferences to share the latest findings with industry and academia. Some of its recent projects include improving the speed and reliability of AI model training, developing the first Large Language Model (LLM) in Traditional Chinese, and creating an innovative approach to wireless channel modeling.

We're leveraging these AI developments in a variety of ways. Where possible, we're integrating our AI innovations across our product portfolio, from the mobile segment to smart home devices, automotive, the healthcare industry, data centers, industrial applications, and beyond, Bernacchia said.

The official noted that one example is the wireless channel modelling approach mentioned, which will shape the way MediaTek designs 6G communication systems.

Additionally, we're using machine learning to design chipsets more quickly and efficiently, he added.

MediaTek also said it is using innovative AI algorithms that can predict the location and shape of the optimal circuit block while reducing errors. This allows their engineers to produce better results in less time and helps their customers get their products to market faster.

Bernacchia said MediaTek Research is also making efforts to make AI training more accessible to everyone by reducing the costs of training AI. He added they are also focused on the impact of generative AI.

A lot of the attention around AI has been focused on artistic endeavors such as creating images and videos, and routine tasks like writing emails. However, some of the most compelling use cases are the ones that will help us to live longer, happier, and healthier lives, he noted.

For example, AI can used in medicine to develop personalized treatment plans for patients. Or think about how AI can improve climate modelling to provide better guidance on environmental policies, he added.

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