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How to send HD Photos and Shared Albums via Facebook Messenger

Meta has enhanced the features of Messengers which will surely improve user experience.
Photo from Meta

Sending HD Photos and Albums through Messenger

Recently, Meta announced that has improved its features to allow its users to send more high-quality photos and even send shared albums via Messenger.

Prior to this, sending photos via the messaging app was quite a hassle because the quality gets distorted.

Meta has addressed this problem by adding the option to send HD photos. To do this:

1. Tap the image icon when in a chat
2. Tap the HD icon on the right side
3. Select the photo or photos you want to send
4. Tap send

Upon checking out this feature, we saw that this was not available in a group chat.

Aside from HD photos, Messenger users can also now create shared albums with their friends.

To create one:

1. Select multiple photos from your chat composer
2. Tap Create album

You can also long-press a photo in the chat and tap Create Album.

Another way is:

1. Tap the group chat name
2. Tap View media, files and links
3. Tap Create albums for this chat
4. Select the photos you want to add
5. Tap Create album

To rename the album:

1. Tap Album
2. Tap the three-dot menu
3. Tap Edit Name
4. Confirm the new album name

To add more photos, just tap Add to Album.

Everyone in the chat can view, add, delete, and download pictures and videos from the album. To locate the album, tap on your group chat name then tap Media.

Meta also announced other new features like adding new connections with a QR code and sending files up to 100 MB through a user’s phone.

Have you tried these new Messenger features?

Source: Meta

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