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Android 15 is official—Here's what's new

From better privacy to connectivity, these are what you should expect from Android 15.
Android 15 is official—Here's what's new
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The latest in the Android ecosystem

On Wednesday, Google introduced its latest OS Android 15, with features that aim to improve user experience.
Some of the features of Android 15
Some of the features of Android 15

Check them out here:

1. Private Space - This is a separate space with an extra layer of authentication. Google said this is like a digital safe within the phone for the apps users don’t want others to easily access.

For instance, health or banking apps can be kept in a private space to keep personal information for the owner’s eyes only. With direct OS integration, private space offers enhanced protection for sensitive apps, isolating data and notifications from the rest of the phone. A separate lock for private space can also be set up to hide the existence of it altogether.

2. Theft Detection Lock - This feature, which will come out later this year, helps users keep their personal and financial data safe if the phone is ever snatched. This uses Google AI to sense if someone snatches the device from the owner’s hand and tries to run, bike, or drive away with it. If a theft motion is detected, it will be quickly locked down.

3. Real-time protection vs fraud apps - Later this year, Google Play Protect will use on-device AI to spot apps that might be linked to fraud or phishing. This live threat detection will analyze how apps use sensitive permissions and interact with other apps to spot suspicious behavior in real time. If Google Play Protect finds something suspicious, the app is sent to Google for additional review, and users will be warned or the app will be disabled once confirmed that it's harmful.

4. Message with RCS in Japan - Google said it is working with KDDI and other partners to enhance the messaging experience in Japan with RCS in Google Messages.

5. Add items to Google Wallet from a photo - Soon in the US, users can create a digital version of most passes that only contain text. Users have to simply take a photo of everyday passes—like event tickets, library cards, auto insurance cards, gym membership cards, and more—and create a digital version in their Google Wallet for quick access.

6. AR content in Google Maps - Users will soon be able to access augmented reality (AR) content in Google Maps on their phones. The tech giant said this development laid the foundation for the extended reality (XR) platform it is building in collaboration with Samsung and Qualcomm for the Android ecosystem.

7. Enhanced Google built-in - The company is expanding the availability of Google built-in to car models like the Acura ZDX, and Ford Explorer. Google Cast is also coming to cars with Android Automotive OS, starting with Rivian in the coming months.

8. New content with AI on Google TV - With the Gemini model, Google said it made it easier to pick what to watch with AI-generated descriptions on the home screen, personalized for users based on their genre and actor preferences. AI-generated descriptions will also fill in missing or untranslated descriptions for movies and shows.

9. Wear OS 5 updates - Later this year, battery life optimizations are coming to watches with Wear OS 5. For example, running an outdoor marathon will consume up to 20 percent less power when compared to watches with Wear OS 4. Fitness apps will also be able to help improve performance with the option to support more data types like ground contact time, stride length, and vertical oscillation, Google said.

10. Fast Pair - This feature makes it easy to connect Android devices and accessories.

It can also help track the accessory’s battery life and locate missing devices with the new Find My Device experience rolling out globally. Later this May, users will be able to find items like their keys, wallet, or luggage in the Find My Device app with Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebblebee. Additional Bluetooth tags from Eufy, Jio, Motorola, and more will also be available.

Are you excited about this?

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