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GrabPay to charge fees for debit, credit cards cash-in except Visa

The policy will start on June 20, 2024.
Photo from Grab

Convenience fee for card cash-in

In an advisory, Grab announced that its GrabPay wallet service will impose a convenience fee for cash-ins made via cards.

Starting June 20,2024, GrabPay wallet cash-ins from most credit cards and debit cards will incur a convenience fee, it said.

Garb said this will help it maintain security, and seamless transactions, and develop innovative features on its platform.

The convenience fee to be implemented is 2%. Philippine-issued Visa debit and credit cards are not affected by the new policy.

In calculating the fee, it will be based on the total amount being added and will be clearly itemized under the card’s transaction details for review.

Below is the updated list of fees Grab collects for cash-ins:

The fees
The fees

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Source: Grab

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