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ASUS reveals an ROG Ally X to arrive on June 2!

ASUS revealed that a new version of its portable handheld ROG Ally is going to be official in early June.
ASUS reveals an ROG Ally X to arrive on June 2!
ROG Pulse discusses the upcoming handheld

ASUS is set to unveil a new ROG Ally X on June 2!

The firm shared a few facts about the device during its ROG Pulse live with hosts Jake Kulinski and Whitson Gordon. Gordon indicated that the device will be called ROG Ally X and will include more functionality than the current model ROG Ally for more demanding users.

The brand also revealed the upcoming Ally X is neither a tiny spec boost nor a fully new generation of the Ally, but falls somewhere in the middle. This means it will use the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme CPU and 120Hz VRR display as the normal ROG Ally 2023.
The first gen ROG Ally
The first gen ROG Ally

However, the company promises that the Ally X will have various enhancements, the most significant of which will be a considerably larger battery. Speaking with The Verge, ASUS Senior Vice President Shawn Yen stated that the battery will be far more than just a 30 to 40 percent boost, without going into detail. Yen also claimed that the Ally X will be able to more than double the current worst-case battery scenario for the Ally 2023.

The host Whitson Gordon also noted other changes like improved system memory from the existing 16GB as well as it will come with higher storage capacity.

The M.2 2230 slot will also be replaced with a more typical M.2 2280 slot for better upgradeability. There was also a discussion of enhanced ports; given that the Ally 2023 only had one USB-C port, the Ally X may have two. ASUS has also relocated the ill-positioned microSD slot, ensuring that your cards do not die due to the exhaust heat.

Changes to the controls, including simpler joystick interchangeability, are among the mentioned upgrades. Finally, it appears that the Ally X will be available in all-black, with the rest of the design remaining intact.

If this got you interested, you may stay tuned at ASUS ROG Global. Anyways, the brand will reveal the new Ally on June 2 specifically on the upcoming Computex in Taiwan.

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