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SHARP showcased its innovative products at Media Conference and Dealers Appreciation Day!

SHARP Philippines has showcased its vast innovative products during its Media Conference and Dealers' Appreciation Day.
SHARP showcased its innovative products at Media Conference and Dealers Appreciation Night!
SHARP's  AIoT Smart Home

SHARP flaunts its vast lineup of products!

The prestigious event happened last May 22, 2024, at the Conrad Manila Hotel where the Japanese firm has invited multiple media publications and its trusted dealers. According to SHARP, this was a testament to its long-running presence in the market ensuring patrons that they continue to offer a comprehensive collection of products to improve and transform the modern home.

SHARP claims that in today's quick-paced and competitive environment, innovation plays an integral role in propelling growth and success. The company continued that it prioritizes technological creativity so it can remain ahead of the curve, adapt to changing market trends, and ultimately satisfy growing customer needs. Encouraging a culture of invention allows firms to generate new products, services, and processes that enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness, SHARP says.

Innovation is improving the products based on the fast-changing lifestyle of Filipinos to make their lives easier and be readily available and competitive in the market, said Mr. Kito, Sharp Philippines President.

SHARP's breakthrough products, like AQUOS TVs, Plasmacluster Ion, J-Tech Inverter, and Holeless Tub, have made a difference in the market. The company says its drive to innovation has helped to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, improve experiences, and advance results.

Below are some of SHARP's extensive product lineup:

Cleaning Solution

Sharp's innovation in washing machines, ranging from manual to fully automatic, sets a new benchmark for cleanliness. The new ES-FLC15BV-DS front-load washing machine has the capability to improve cleaning efficiency. 
SHARP's Home Cleaning Solution
SHARP's Home Cleaning Solution

It features a dry air wash with Plasmacluster Ion technology that effectively removes odors and bacteria from clothing and surfaces. The ES-FLC15BV-DS models offer a convenient alternative to standard cleaning methods. Combine them with the heat pump tumble dryer KD HTOJP-G (10 kg) to achieve wrinkle-free results.

Meanwhile, the model EC-WE77P-B is a game changer in the field of household cleaning according to SHARP. It has self-cleaning tech which eliminates the need to manually clean the brush thus providing efficiency and convenience for users as it saves time and lets them spend it elsewhere.

When it comes to cleaner air, SHARP's Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifiers utilize creative methods that align with people's lifestyles. The new "Dual Suction" structure allows for a compact body size (333 mm x 330 mm x 578 mm) with a coverage area of 84 m2/JEMA standard. This, combined with SHARP's unique COANDA air flow technology and triple filtering system, ensures authentic air purification performance and user experiences. SHARP's unique Plasmacluster Ion Technology (PCI 25000) effectively removes airborne and adherent contaminants like viruses, mold, and bacteria.

Cooking Solution

The brand says new technologies in Kitchen Solution can provide efficiency in human lives such as from direct cool to no frost to added features that can improve food storage and organizing. SHARP's fridge features temperature-controlled compartments for longer food shelf life and energy-saving modes. Additionally, these refrigerators have 7-Shield which allows for safer operations and longer endurance under numerous conditions. It also has a large capacity to accommodate food for different occasions. SHARP claims its refrigerators also provide style and elegance to users' homes. It boasted that its products received the IF Design Award in 2021. Finally, multi-door refrigerator lineups are available in 18cu.ft. to 27 cu. ft.
SHARP Cooking Solution
SHARP Cooking Solution

SHARP also boasts its Low Sugar Rice cooker (KS-L18SP-BK) added to the Healsio Series. These lineups are made to cater to health-conscious consumers who intend to maintain a balanced diet without compromising on taste.  Meanwhile, the Healsio water oven (KN-H24FA) utilizes superheated steam to cook food which retains the nutrients and flavors of your food.

Entertainment Solution

SHARP noted that singing is part of Filipino culture which is why they had to release a locally fit product—karaoke + multimedia system (HK-L3223SP BR). This features 2,700 built-in licensed songs and is still upgradeable, with USB music and video playback, and an HDMI port. Users may also access the YouTube app to search current hit songs as well. 
SHARP Karaoke multimedia system
SHARP Karaoke multimedia system

SHARP recently held a Videoke contest in major areas nationally to select the next SAMMbassador for Season 2. This initiative intends to promote the SAMM System by providing consumers with personal product experience in numerous sectors.
Aquos XLED TVs
Aquos XLED TVs

XLED TVs made their debut in 2023 in the Philippines. SHARP noted that its Xtreme Mini LED technology combines the finest traits of LCD and OLED tech. It has an Advanced Backlight Control that activates dimming zones for optimal contrast and visual brightness. In addition, the Deep Chroma QD generates over 1 billion colors, resulting in outstanding color purity and rich, dynamic color contrast. The latest model, the GU8500X, will show off a new generation of smart TVs featuring the X6X Revelation Processor. This feature powers AI Super Resolution (AISR), which enables the smart upscale of photos to provide significantly more detailed pictures, providing users with a "True to Life" viewing experience. On the other hand, the model GU8500X will be less expensive than its predecessors.

Business Solution 

SHARP also offers a laptop product called the Dynabook Satellite Pro-C40-K. This features a 14-inch anti-glare screen with HD+ or FHD resolution, Intel 12th-gen core processors up to i7, 8GB/16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB/512GB/1TB storage options, HD Webcam with shutter slider, LED indicator, dual mic, Stereo speakers, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and runs Windows 11 OS.
SHARP Dynabook Satellite Pro Series
SHARP Dynabook Satellite Pro Series

The company also showcased its smart interactive displays which feature a 4K UHD panel with intuitive "Pen-on-Paper" user experience. It has a 1x USB-C port which lets users plug their devices like laptops, smartphones, or tablets. 
The SHARP Smart Interactive Display
The SHARP Smart Interactive Display

This device also has an integrated controller with whiteboard, overlay, and WiFi connectivity making it ideal for board meetings, classrooms, and training sessions.
SHARP Business Solution
SHARP Business Solution

Furthermore SHARP offers a beverage cooler (SCH-315AS) and inverter chest freezer (FRV142X/199X/254X) with a 5/7/9 cu. ft capacity that can help you preserve food and keep beverages cool.

Cooling Solution 
SHARP's aircon lineup
SHARP's aircon lineup

SHARP currently offers cassette, floor-standing, and split-type air conditioners with advanced technologies like J-Tech Inverter, AIoT, and Plasmacluster Ion ideal for home use or office. The brand stated that these units effectively distribute cool air, making them ideal for bigger environments. With groundbreaking technology and efficient power draw, it offers strong cooling without sacrificing comfort.

AIoT Smart Home

The brand says AIoT is the connection of artificial intelligence (AI) with the Internet of Things (IoT). AI-enabled appliances, such as the AQUOS TV, Plasmacluster Air Purifier, and Split-Type Air Conditioner, connect to a cloud-based AI and integrate with your everyday routine. SHARP AIoT analyzes your lifestyle and recommends the most comfortable operation.

You may head to the SHARP Official website to learn more information. You can also check the store locator in case you are interested in buying its products.

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