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Foodpanda offers Father's Day voucher codes with up to 50 percent off or cash back!

Foodpanda is giving away unique voucher codes meant for Father's Day this coming weekend.
Foodpanda offers Father's Day voucher codes with up to 50 percent off or cash back!
BESTDAD cashback voucher

Foodpanda offers Father's Day voucher codes!

This is to commemorate the special day of our dads and Foodpanda is paving a way to provide discounts that will fit your father's buying personality.

For the "cash na lang" dad

Sometimes our lives become so hectic that selecting the perfect gift for your father becomes tough, so we ask him directly. However, Pinoy parents frequently declare they don't want anything—or, at best, they'd want some money to invest in their current passion or to supplement their hidden-from-nanay savings fund.

With that, Foodpanda says you may use the voucher code BESTDAD with your food delivery, pickup, pandamart, and foodpanda shopes with minimum spend of PHP 1,499 to enjoy PHP 500 cashback. Do note this promo will run from June 15 to 17, 2024.

For the tagay tatay

Dads deserve to relax once in a while, with a refreshing glass of their favorite booze in hand and the companionship of their family and friends.

To make the Father's Day more lively, Foodpanda offers a 50 percent off on pandamart when purchasing alcohol from June 12 to 16. Buyers may select from wide liqour offerings like Johnny Walker, San Miguel, Heineken and more.

For the Boy Scout dad

Pinoy fathers take their obligation to protect and provide for their children seriously. This means he puts a lot of thinking into making sure he's ready for practically any situation, whether it's poor weather or a bad case of the midnight snacks. 

Simply select all of the products you believe Dad might need or like and save as much as 50 percent on groceries and more from pandamart, Robinsons Supermarket, Puregold, Shell Select, and Watsons, among others, from June 15 to 17.

For the diskarte dad

Foodpanda says nothing rivals a Pinoy father's diskarte—he's inventive and resourceful in growing his children. We've laughed at and shared his diskarte on social media, such as fixing household objects and appliances. Now, let's move up and make him proud by creating our own diskarte with more vouchers from foodpanda's bank partners.

From June 14 to 16, use code UBMOREDAD to get PHP 200 off your UnionBank Credit Card for meal delivery and pick-up orders (minimum spend PHP 650). From June 14 to 20, GCash members can use code PANDADDY to receive a variety of promotions on foodpanda purchases. 

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