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HONOR intros Four-Layer AI architecture featuring HONOR 200 series!

HONOR has unveiled its Four-layered AI Strategy at VivaTech in Europe.
HONOR intros Four-Layer AI architecture featuring HONOR 200 series!
HONOR's announcement at VivaTech, Europe

HONOR showcases the Four-Layer AI architecture!

VivaTech will be one of Europe's biggest tech and innovation events in 2024. At the forefront of the talk was George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd where he also announced the upcoming Gen-Ai experiences in partnership with Google Cloud will be integrated into HONOR's highly anticipated smartphones.

At HONOR, we believe in harnessing on-device AI’s personalization, intuitiveness, and privacy protection to unlock AI’s full potential safely. We are excited to collaborate with Google Cloud to push the boundaries of this.

According to the HONOR, the Four-Layer AI Architecture includes cross-device and cross-OS AI, platform-level AI, app-level AI, and interface with cloud-AI services. The Cross-device and Cross-OS AI offers an open ecosystem by sharing processing power and services across HONOR devices and operating systems. Platform-level AI personalizes the operating system, enabling intent-based interactions and efficient resource allocation. App-level AI develops new and generative AI applications to enhance user experiences. The Interface to Cloud AI services prioritizes user privacy while providing access to a wide range of cloud services.
HONOR's On-device AI
HONOR's On-device AI

The company added MagicOS 8.0, which includes Magic Portal, boasts the industry's first intent-based user interface that simplifies complicated tasks into simple steps. The Magic Portal presently supports 100 popular applications, including travel, work, messaging, search, entertainment, retail, and social media. It will continue to expand to create more seamless and smarter AI experiences. Additionally, HONOR will launch the MagicOS.

The HONOR 200 Series employs AI to reproduce Studio Harcourt's famous lighting and shadow effects, resulting in studio-quality portraits with each shot. 
Improves portait shots!
Improves portrait shots!

To recall, the HONOR 200 Series boasts 6.7-inch OLED screens, Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 or 8s Gen 3, 12GB/16GB RAM, up to 1TB storage, 5,200mAh battery with 100W fast charging, 50MP + 12MP ultra-wide + 50MP telephoto cameras.

Dr. Justine Cassell, an industry expert, spoke on the future of multimodal interaction during the VivaTech 2024 panel discussion. He pointed out that "humans live multimodally and the integration of verbal and nonverbal cues in AI systems predicts a future where multimodally-sensitive AI on phones helps a diverse range of users."

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