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OPPO to bring generative AI even on its budget phones

OPPO recently confirmed that the company will make its AI phones accessible to anyone.
File photo: OPPO at MWC 2023

OPPO generative AI for everyone

According to OPPO, its generative AI tech won't be exclusive to flagship phones and select users. Instead, its AI will be available to all product lines. This means that even its budget phones will be AI-enhanced.

To recap, OPPO earlier created a dedicated research and development center to produce user-centric AI experiences earlier this year.

The company said that it plans to bring full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring of AI phones to bring LLMs to all of its product lines.

According to OPPO MKT, Sales, and Service President of Overseas Billy Zhang,

For the first time in the industry, OPPO is bringing generative AI to all product lines. By the end of this year, we expect to bring generative AI features to about 50 million users.

OPPO doesn't just plan to make AI more accessible across its ecosystem, it also wants to expand the number of AI experiences it offers to customers. The company announced that it is partnering with Google to bring features like AI Writer and AI Recording Summary to its handsets. It is also partnering with MediaTek to "enhance chip storage and computational efficiency on future OPPO flagship models." And through a partnership with Microsoft, future OPPO phones will gain "Microsoft capabilities" to improve the connection between phones and desktop AI.

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