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Meet Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi - Speedy internet buddy on the go!

Smartbro's speedy 5G POCKET PRO WiFi received a major discount. Here's a quick insight into the portable WiFi.
Meet - Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi - Speedy internet buddy on the go!
Smart 5G Bro Pocket Pro

To recap, the 5 Pocket Pro WiFi has an SRP of PHP 12,995 but got a significant price slash of PHP 5,000 which makes it now priced at PHP 7,995.

Let's see if this deal makes the portable WiFi 5G connection a value for money.

Note that a major advantage of having a separate 5G pocket WiFi is it won't drain the battery of your smartphone fast as you do not need to turn on its WiFi hotspot function anymore if you need to connect multiple devices while on the go or anywhere with Smart signal.

Meet Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi!

The device arrived in a traditional all-green box signifying Smart Bro's iconic colors alongside the FREE 5G Rocket SIM with UNLI DATA for 30 days promo worth PHP 799.
Inside the box
Inside the box

Opening it up you'll find the 5G pocket WiFi unit itself, charger, USB-A to USB-C cable, Car charger with USB-A port, 5,000mAh battery, SIM injector tool, and paperwork.
Inside the box
The front view

Upon getting a hold of the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFI, it simply looks like a bigger version of its 4G counterpart. It has a thicker body at nearly half an inch and longer in length at about 6 inches.

At the front, it has a touch display measuring around 2 inches diagonally.

On the upper part, you will see the USB-C port and the three buttons for power, WPS, and reset.
The top and bottom view
The top and bottom view

Below you see the SIM slot. While the back and the sides are left blank.

It has a very easy setting up process.

First, you must insert your 5G Rocket SIM on your mobile phone to register, activate the SIM card, and receive the promo and PHP 250 worth of load.

All you need to do is use the SIM injector tool to open the slot and insert the SIM.

Next, you will need to remove the cover at the back and attach the battery then return the cover.
Insert battery at the back
Insert battery at the back

After that, you can fire up the 5G Pocket Pro WiFi by pressing the power button. Then you will be greeted by Smart Bro's logo.
Scan the QR code using your phone
Scan the QR code using your phone

After which you will see the two QR codes to connect your device. Each QR represents the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency. Upon scanning you will get the default password then connect.

The main menu shows the number of users connected, set up, battery, 5G or 4G signal, time, WPS security, and the battery percentage at the right corner.
The setup menu
The setup menu

Pressing the set you can see multiple app settings like WiFi, Network, Device, Messages, Reset, and About also known as device's information.

Pressing the WiFi logo you will see where you can change the network name and password, blocked list, 

Navigating to the Network app you can view the selection of between 5G, 4G, or auto and turn on or off the International Roaming.

Clicking the device will let you tweak the display timeout between 30 seconds to 2 minutes or never.

Going to the "Message" logo you will find the SMS list or SMS setting status. Do note you can only view the message received but not send a text to anyone. 

Pressing the reset button will prompt you a confirmation or cancel. 

Heading to the "About" icon will give you the details of the pocket 5G WiFi like model number, serial number, MAC address, software version, IMEI, IMSI, SIM Card Number, IP address, WAN IP Address, and WAN IPv6 Address.

Okay, that's enough of the technicalities Let's now see the speed test of the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi.
Very fast speed results
Very fast speed results

First, we tried it on a non-moving scenario inside a mall where we got a speed of 472 Mbps in a highly congested area.
Speed test on moving scenarios
Speed test on moving scenarios

Next, we also tried it in a moving situation inside a car where we recorded 349 Mbps.

Finally, we also tried doing a speed test at home and got a result of 435 Mbps.
The 5G speed test at home
The 5G speed test at home

Do note the 5G Pocket Pro WiFi has a version of WiFi 6 and is also compatible with lower versions of smartphones or other devices.

Consistent 5G speeds

Based on the results we got, the SmartBro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi is capable of producing consistent 5G speeds but the results may vary depending on your location. Fortunately, most of our trips had 5G towers to achieve the aforementioned connectivity.

We also tried watching videos on YouTube with zero loading times, particularly in moving situations. However, we won't recommend gaming in moving scenarios as there will be an inconsistent ping especially when the vehicle is moving fast. Also, signals may vary from location whether your unit will be far or too close to a cell site tower.
More view of the pocket WiFi
More view of the pocket WiFi

When it comes to the download experience, we can say it performs really well since we were able to finish a Genshin Impact update with a 1.3GB file in just 2 minutes.

In terms of upload experience, it also performed similarly since we were able to upload photos and post our article works without problems outside.

For our initial battery test, we started at around 7:30 AM while the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro WiFi lasted until around 5 PM.

I would also like to point out the device gets warm when inside the bag. Taking it out will help cool down the pocket WiFi.

Quick thoughts

For a promo price of PHP 7,995, the Smart Bro 5G Pocket Pro offers a convenient speedy internet on the go assuming you have supported 5G signals. 
Reliable speed on the go!
Reliable speed on the go!

So far we rarely encountered 4G bars in the trips we had which is a testament to Smart's growing number of 5G cell sites in Metro Manila. 

We were able to get consistent speeds all throughout plus we were also able to save the battery of our phones since we do not have to open our data when we need to get connected most of the day.

Meanwhile, you can also get a FREE car charger, a month of unlimited data, and a free PHP 250 load which you may use in case your promo expires.

Users may also opt to choose a 1 day unlimited data promo for PHP 99, 3 days for PHP 149, and 7 days for PHP 299. All of these are accessible via Smart's app available for both iOS and Android.

What do you guys think?

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